Simplify Backup for Windows 10

The reasoning behind my personal partitioning scheme in Windows 10/11 is the same as it was in Windows XP, to facilitate a backup routine that I can use easily and regularly. The following describes my daily driver desktop's current dual boot Windows 10 configuration. I have a 250GB mSATA SSD for my primary and secondary OS partitions, a 250GB SSD for my Users folders, a 250GB NVMe SSD for my primary snd secondary Program Files partitions, two 1TB SSD's with multiple partitions, and one 1TB SSD with a single partition—a target for drive images; including the hidden partitions, a total of 21 over 6 drives. The drives are partitioned as follows:

my partitions

This screenshot was taken with my Windows 10 installation booted. Note that my Windows 11 installation is drive (A:)  Should these logical drive sizes prove inadequate at some point, I can use BootIt Bare Metal to resize them.

With ever increasing hard drive capacities,

well planned partitioning is the best way to make common housekeeping chores quicker and simpler.